The market for mobile spy apps today had grown so much as new technologies continue emerging to help parents and employers control their subjects. It is because of this competition that none of the spy app developers remains at the top for long before being overtaken. However, one spy app has defined odds to remain at the top for a long time; Highster Mobile. Highster is a monitoring app designed top work best in iOS and Android operating systems. In this post, we review Highstet Mobile to draw out its unique strengths and weaknesses so that you can make the right decision.

Affordable and with no limitations

Today, many spy apps demand a lot of money to use their applications. As if that is not enough, clients are required to pay more to access specialized tracking. However, Highster is different because they only have a monthly fee of $29 that gives you full access to all features. For Highster, the focus of their application is not to simply make a lot of money, but building a loyal and highly satisfied clientele.

How Highster works to deliver the best performance

A parent or manager has to visit Highster website using the device that you want to monitor to install the app and start monitoring. However, if you are targeting a smartphone on iOS there will be no need to jailbreak the phone. You will only require its serial number to install the app remotely. After installation, you should go to your desktop or device with the internet to set your account and that is all. You can start following the kid’s phone calls, messages, and all activities that the child does.

Key features that make Highster Mobile outstanding

While most of these spy app’s features are available in other apps, users have always indicated their efficiency in Highster Mobile.
• Call Log Monitoring: Highster enables you to follow all incoming and outgoing calls with details such as time, phone numbers, and call duration. You can even activate voice record to listen to the conversation later.
• Live control panel: The control panel is very friendly, and it allows the user access everything within the same dashboard. You can create time trigger, change themes, and follow the child smartphone in real-time.
• Text message monitoring: Today, text messaging is one of the most used methods of communication because it is easy, fast, and highly effective. Interestingly, the app can even monitor the numbers that the texts messages or calls are made from.
• Stealth camera: This app works best with spycam iPhone that makes it easy to take photos remotely without the child knowing.
• Other top features of the Highster spy apps android include GPS location tracking, photos access, contact monitoring, and social media monitoring.

Enthralling support staff

To Highster, every client is an invaluable asset that must be handled with utmost courtesy and commitment. The company points out that they took a lot of time to install a functional support that clients could rely on. They have a very comprehensive FAQ page that answers most questions even before a client proceeds to ask. Besides, they have an enthusiastic support staff that takes calls promptly and answers all the questions professionally. Other support platforms include live chats, tutorials, and direct emails.


Highster Mobile is a unique spy app for parents and employers who want to get value for money. The developer keeps on improving the app so that clients can expect something better and more effective with every update. Even if you have used other apps before such as free iPhone spy app, we do not hesitate to recommend that you try Highster Mobile to enjoy its thrill.

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