There are lots of great cameras on the market, but the ones made by Mio are some of the best on the market. They have different features, from the ability to record what’s going on in the road in case there is an accident, to the ability to record breathtaking road trips in HD. Mio offers several different models, each with different advantages.

Mio is one of the best manufacturers of dash cams and car and bicycle navigation systems. For the dash cameras, there is HD recording, safety camera warnings, and some even have built-in WIFI to help the driver maneuver as best as possible. Dash cams by Mio are some of the best on the market, and these are a few of their finest models.

Top Dash Cams from Mio


MiVue 638 Touch

The 638 Touch features 1080p HD recording, which can record the road trip of travelers who are journeying cross-country, and the F1.8 lens gives it the ability to record high quality video even in lowlight conditions. One of the biggest benefits of the camera, along with the rest of the dash cams, is the ability to provide a safeguard against fraudulent insurance claims during an accident. Another big benefit of the 638 is the built-in GPS.

MiVue 658 WIFI

Not only does the 658 have built-in WIFI, it also features Extreme HD recording at 2304 x 1296 at 30 fps. The 658 WIFI also features safety camera warnings to warn drivers when they are driving too fast around traffic cameras. The G-Sensor, which is also present in the 638 Touch, allows it to record acceleration and direction of the vehicles it has recorded.

MiVue C310

The C310 is another great dash cam from Mio. While it doesn’t have quite as many features as its older siblings, the 658 WIFI and the 638 Touch, it still has features of its own that make it a quality dash cam. It records in 720p at 30 fps, which still gives it the ability to record with a quality resolution that help it capture the details. It has a wide viewing angle, which helps it include more in its field of vision so that it doesn’t miss anything.

MiVue C330

A step above the C310, the C330 has the advantage of 1080p Full HD recording. It also includes the safety camera warnings that are updated monthly. While it doesn’t have built-in WIFI, it does have built-in GPS, and a variety of other features including a speed limit alert and the G-sensor that permits it to track the speed and direction of the vehicles that the camera can see.

MiVue M560

The M560 is a different kind of dash cam. Although it doesn’t have WIFI or built-in GPS, it does have a Sony sensor that gives it a powerful camera. It also has a powerful battery that gives it up to 2.5 hours of non-stop recording. It’s waterproof as well, and includes a micro USB charger. It doesn’t have speed limit alerts or the safety camera warnings either, so if a driver wants those they will have to go with one of the other models.

There are a lot of great dash cams out there on the market. The good news is that the dash cams by Mio are some of the best ones on the market. They have several great options with a variety of benefits. All the users need to do is plug it in and start recording. Lots of drivers out there are using dash cams to make sure that they are safeguarded from a fraudulent claim by an insurance company, or that they capture the beautiful scenery on one of their favorite road trips.

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