How many times have you heard about video games being bad for you?  The adverse effects from muscle cramps to the poor influence on behavior are things people are willing to deal with to continue playing their favorite games.  In other words, adverse consequences don’t bother people as much when you look at the flip side of things.  There are positive effects video games are getting more credit.  Most of the advantages of playing benefit the brain but can expand to other others of daily living improving your way of life.

Encourage Productive Brain Activity

Video games create all kinds of emotions for players from happiness to frustration. While many may not like the idea of being on an emotional rollercoaster, the fact is playing such games encourages positive brain cell activity good for the brain in different ways.  Areas of the brain can grow from playing video games according to a neurological study completed in Germany.  The study included 23 people playing Super Mario 64 for a couple of months at about 30 minutes per day.  MRI scans completed on the players showed growth in parts of the brain.

Creative Thinking via 3D and Better Eyesight

Many video games feature 3D technology that makes the graphics look cool.  So how has the same technology helped improved thinking?  There are a few studies that show shooting games (as the first person shooter) helps improve how people think when considering three-dimensional concepts.  The concept has helped create a game to help train medical experts on other aspects of mental skills. One study even included some medics playing such games which may show a connection of how well they perform surgery.

Another way video games can help you is by improving eyesight.  Video games can have impressive graphics to look at during play making the game more attractive.  But studies have shown some games offer an improvement upon visual contrast via brightness and image color changes. Studies also suggest the eyes get a form of exercise while focusing on an object (like the villain in a shooting game). The skill in the game helps the eyes utilize this ability longer since it has the tendency to decrease as eyes age.

Develop a Social Life

Millions of people around the world play video games. At one point, games were played as a one or two player experience.  Now, with the internet and Wi-Fi capabilities you can connect and play with others via groups.  It is one thing to have a group of friends over to play on your console, but you can expand your experience by connecting with others anywhere in the world.  It makes playing more interesting by adding to the competition and you can learn new things about the game.

Another aspect of video gaming that benefits social elements of play is you gain better chances of winning.  Some games are designed to play with multiple players but when you work with others it makes teamwork enjoyable.  Playing a game with friends as a group makes play exciting and offers an overall positive effect on your social life.

Something else video game players benefit from is improved self-esteem.  Such aspects of sharing the fun with others may help reduce feelings of loneliness and depression. The concept may help people of all ages young and old who enjoy playing video games a few hours a week.  Once you find a game or two you like to play (that’s age appropriate) you’re off to a great start improving mental and emotional health.

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